Installing ownCloud 5 on Ubuntu 12.04 with nginx and percona

Starting with a base install of Ubuntu 12.04 server, install the pre-reqs, these include the reqs for LDAP auth and external storage on a SMB server

sudo apt-get install nginx php5-fpm php5 php5-json php5-gd curl php5-curl\
 libcurl3-gnutls libapr1 libaprutil1 libcurl3 libaprutil1-ldap libcap2\
 libltdl-dev libltdl7 libtool m4 php-pear php-xml-parser php5-cli\
 php5-dev shtool ssl-cert php5-ldap smbclient

stop the nginx and php5-fpm services

sudo service nginx stop
sudo service php5-fpm stop

create a directory for owncloud to exist in

sudo mkdir -p /var/www

get the latest source for owncloud from


untar the source

tar -xvf owncloud

move the source into place

sudo mv owncloud /var/www/

create a data directory for the data

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/owncloud-data

remove the default nginx config from site-enabled

sudo unlink /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

create a new file for sites available, something like this

sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/owncloud

link the file to sites-enabled

sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/owncloud /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/owncloud

edit php-fpm to use a unix socket instead of a TCP socket

sudo nano /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf

comment out

listen =

and add

listen = /var/run/php5-fpm.sock

Uncomment the permissions

listen.owner = www-data = www-data
listen.mode = 0660

For the SSL certificate, this might be of use

I usually use Percona instead of the Ubuntu build of MySQL

import the Percona gpg key

sudo gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 1C4CBDCDCD2EFD2A
sudo gpg -a --export CD2EFD2A | sudo apt-key add -

now edit sources.list

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

add these lines

# for percona
deb precise main
deb-src precise main

now install percona

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install percona-server-common-5.5 percona-server-server-5.5 libmysqlclient18 libmysqlclient16

with the database server installed, now create the database

mysql -uroot -p
CREATE USER 'owncloud'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON owncloud.* TO 'owncloud'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

add the components for mysql

sudo apt-get install php5-mysql libaprutil1-dbd-mysql

create the config file to use the mysql server

sudo nano /var/www/owncloud/config/autoconfig.php

add the following lines

$AUTOCONFIG = array(
  "dbtype"        => "mysql",
  "dbname"        => "owncloud",
  "dbuser"        => "owncloud",
  "dbpass"        => "password",
  "dbhost"        => "localhost",
  "dbtableprefix" => "",
  "adminlogin"    => "Administrator",
  "adminpass"     => "Admin-password",
  "directory"     => "/var/www/owncloud-data",

reset the directory permissions

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/owncloud
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/owncloud-data
sudo chmod 777 /var/www/owncloud-data/

You should now be able to start the services

sudo service php5-fpm start
sudo service nginx start

and login to the application using the username and password from autoconfig.php